You Sweet Thing…..

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Here at Little Black Booth we know how much work is involved in getting an event together. Whether it be a wedding, kids party, 40th birthday or work function, it all takes lots of time, lots of attention to detail and lots of budgeting. But how can this be made easier?

Well, we have a way – one (great and reliable) supplier, two (fantastic and fun) products.

We can help you, not only with a wonderful photobooth experience, but also with a beautiful and glamorous candy buffet.

Now here is the great thing about it all. You get to reduce your stress by just dealing with us. One lot of forms to fill out, one lot of invoices to pay and one process to follow.

But here is the kicker. We are already going to be doing all of the administration, delivering, set up and pack up for your party anyway, so, we don’t need to charge you twice for it. Yep, that is right, we reduce your stress and your bottom line – can it get any better.

With a maximum price of $9 per person (dependent on the number of guests and the package required), a Little Black Booth candy buffet is now the best way to sweeten up your guests for one ripper of a party :)

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