Dreamin’ of Blingin’

I got engaged about 15 years ago.  That is a long time in the world of fashion.

As a 24 year old I was a great believer in the gospel of Audrey Hepburn.  The Breakfast at Tiffanys line “But it’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re forty” pretty much guided my engagement ring buying plans.  Because yes, although my husbands proposal to me was a complete surprise, there was no ring involved.  We shopped for that together (what a smart man he is, he knew me so well even then).  Together we decided that a 1930’s aquamarine was the ideal Katrina choice.

Unfortunately a number of years ago, during a volunteering session at school pancake day, that beautiful engagement ring went missing.  Probably not in the pancakes for those that are worried, because I don’t do cooking, but I am sure that some mother got an AMAZING mothers day present that year, and then proceeded to throw it in the back of the drawer not realising its worth.

But, as with everything Little Black Booth, this story has a happy ending.  Now it has come to the time that I get another engagement ring.

Audrey Hepburn is no longer my jewellery guru (although she really was quite the style goddess).  I am also *cough* nearing that 40th birthday.  So, DIAMONDS. ARE. A. GIRLS. BEST. FRIEND.

Help me people.  I have, all in the name of hard work for LBB of course, spent hours searching the internet for my perfect ring.  Note:  I did not mention perfect budget – I think any form of realistic spending went out the window upon first sight of THIS beauty.

 Pink Diamond Ring 1.

Which one of these wonders do I NEEEEEEEEED?

Perhaps a BLACK DIAMOND – oooh, a bit edgy and cool.

Black Diamond 2

Something a little more classic like this 1940s number?

1940s ring 4Should size be the consideration (certainly not budget)?

Great Big ring 6

How about looking at deco (in keeping with my wedding)?

Deco Ring 5

Or maybe I should return to something similar to the ring I had and LOVED?

Aquamarine Ring like KJH

This could be the SOLUTION.  I could get them all and wear them JUST. LIKE. THIS….

Engagement Rings

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