Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do our photobooths look like?


    Our Little Black Booths are European-built, hard-walled traditional photobooths that only require one square metre within which to operate. Transported via trailer and maneuvered via trolley, they are ready for action in minutes. Your venue simply needs to be wheelchair accessible. Our booths are fully automated and very easy to use, even when tipsy! Check out our Gallery for photos of our booths.

  • Will the booth be delivered before my event?

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    Oh yes! We’ll deliver, set up and test your booth a few hours before your event starts. You won’t have to pay for this idle time. Our booths have inbuilt timers which allows us to set the hire start and finish times. Guests will see a countdown screen and will love the anticipation! At the end of the night the booth will let boothing enthusiasts know that the hire is about to end. It will then allow two ‘grace plays’ so it won’t turn off in the middle of a photo.

  • Will the booth collection disturb my event at the end of the hire?

    Don’t worry, your party won’t be disturbed! We liaise with your venue and organise a mutually appropriate time to collect the booth, often the next morning! You can party until your heart desires without having to worry about someone wheeling your booth away in the middle of it.

  • What is the photobooth’s dimensions?

    Little Black Booth - photobooth 2

    The dimensions are 77cm wide x 95cm deep x 195cm high. Our photo booths easily fit through standard-sized doors.

  • Can we choose when the hire period starts?

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    Yes! Your hire can start whenever you want. The photo booth is delivered and set up well before your event starts so that everything is running smoothly before the first guest arrives. We always have plenty of time up our sleeve to cope with anything unexpected (e.g. rainy weather). If, for example, your wedding reception starts at 5pm but you want the hire to start at 6.30pm, we’ll drop the booth off at 4pm and then return just before 6.30pm to get the party started!

  • How does the booth work?

    Select your options (e.g. black/white or colour) by pushing a button and strike a pose! After a series of 4 pictures, your classic-style photostrip prints and drops out the slot on the outside of the booth, just like the old fashioned booths that we all know and love! Meanwhile, the next guests are already inside the booth deciding on their poses! The entire process is fast, simple, and always entertaining! Using Little Black Booth ensures unlimited photos for the duration of the hire. Throughout your rental period guests use the booth as many times as they like and will get two copies of their photostrip with each session.

  • Can the booth go up flights of stairs?

    Our photo booths are traditional-looking photo booths that evoke that sense of nostalgia – they’re not curtain and camera setups. Little Black Booths can go wherever a wheelchair can go. One or two steps won’t be an issue because we have a ramp, however due to the booth’s weight we won’t be able to climb a flight of stairs.

  • Can I have a choice of colour and black/white photos?

    Yes! As the hirer you will get the choice of how all images are printed before your event. You can choose only colour, only black & white or both, if you want to give your guests the choice each time they use the booth. It’s up to you!

  • How long does it take to print?

    The Little Black Booths print photostrips in a seriously fast 16 seconds. High quality, professional dye-sublimation printers are used so your pictures print dry with a waterproof coating. They’ll last for years and can take a beating!

  • Can we extend the hire on the night?

    If your event has an attendant, of course you can extend! We won’t ruin the party by packing up in the middle of all the fun! If there’s a lineup of guests the attendant will ask if you’d like to extend the hire. If your event is unattended you’ll need to decide on the total number of hours due to the preset timer.

  • Can we brand a photobooth?

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    Yes! If you want to achieve maximum exposure for your brand or business, not only can we add your logo to the bottom of every photostrip we can also brand our booths with your corporate image! We have fantastic connections with a commercial printer and will organise the branding on your behalf. We don’t take payment for this service so branding a booth is very affordable!

  • Can we hire more than one booth?

    Yes! We have a fleet of photobooths and will offer discounts for hiring multiple units. You’ll be able to add fun and laughter to your larger scale events (e.g. over 500 people), whilst receiving fantastic value for your money! This is subject to availability so contact us today for a quote.

  • Do you deliver to Melbourne and Hobart….?

    Yes! Though based in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula we do events in the city and south-east suburbs all of the time! Little Black Booth Tasmania, based in Launceston, is happy to deliver to Hobart and anywhere in between, it’s a great excuse to spend time visiting more of the beautiful state of Tasmania. We will deliver up to 100km from our base for free with minimal delivery charges outside of this range. We’re familiar with delivering to the largest of venues, such as Etihad Stadium, right through to residential homes. Contact us today for a quote!

  • Do I need to organise delivery & pickup?

    Put your feet up and relax! In the week leading up to your event we’ll organise delivery and pickup directly with your venue and will work around their preferences.

  • How many people can fit into a booth?


    Our photo booths can comfortably fit 2 – 3 adults. We regularly see many more faces in one photostrip though – this intimacy evokes some wonderfully spontaneous scenes and, of course, lots of fun and laughter for your guests!

  • Where should the photobooth go?

    The best place is against a wall where your guests will see it when they first arrive (e.g. foyer, verandah, or near the reception area). The photobooth will be a fantastic ice-breaker if you are having pre-dinner drinks so place it there. Keep in mind that the photobooth can be a big distraction so we wouldn’t suggest placing it in the same area as the speeches – the back of the reception room (or at the bar) is best! We will liaise with both you and your venue manager before your event to find the best position.

  • Are the booths tagged and tested?

    Yes, our booths are tagged and tested at least every six months by an electrician that specialises in appliance testing. If your venue asks for more information we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the latest inspection number, license number and test date.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes, we’re fully insured.

  • Can the booth go outside?

    It is best if the photobooth is kept indoors or, if it’s outside, it needs to be undercover. Marquees are perfect!

  • We’d like to book a booth! What’s next?

    You have a quote, know we’re available and have all the answers to all your questions – let’s get the ball rolling! To secure your date contact us today and we’ll direct you towards our Online Booking Form. Once we’ve received your $250 deposit the date will be all yours!